Halloween Leaks?

I was scrollin’ through “The PHB’s Chatroom” and there were people talkin’ about “WHERE’S THE DUMMIES?!!!!” and stuff like that, and I was like what?! Then, someone explained about some “Halloween Leaks” goin’ on in Poptropica multiverses. Plus, there was someone on there named “Fact Monster”. Hmm….that was pretty awkward, but at the same time in a way, cool. When I went to the PHB, I saw a new post similiar entitled to the title to this post, and I learned that I missed ALOT.


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Hey everyone!


Sup guys! My name is Jimmy, but I prefer to be called Clyde. I’ll use this blog to talk about usually anything daily. I can probably talk about humorous junk and my favorite YouTube videos,TV Show junk,Poptropica,and many others!  This site is like TOTALLY under constructo right now! L8R GUYS!!!!

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